The Performance of Apple in the USA, and How the Future Looks Like ?

American people love technology, they are the ones who create new things and they are also the ones who embrace technology. This thing sets American society apart from the rest of the world. That’s why so many companies enjoy the fruit of success. Apple is one of those success stories. Apple is the company who loves to innovate and love to use its product, it is kind of a perfect match till now.

But what future holds we will have to wait and see because now it seems the focus of Apple is not on innovation, instead their focus is purely on profits. How they can go this we will have to wait and see.

Sales of Apple in Past 10 years in the USA.

Apple enjoyed a huge success in this decade from 2014 to 2023 in the USA. The sales of Apple went from $65 billion to $162 billion, almost a 149% growth.

Last Decade Annual Growth Numbers 

SrYear Sales in billion dollar

Graph Represents the number of Apple products sales in USA in last 10 years 

This is clearly the biggest market for Apple in terms of sales. Apple sells almost 41% to 43% of its products in the USA. But in the past  year this market has shown a negative growth in terms of revenue. 

The amount of people use apple product in USA 

Apple clearly is the biggest market share holder in terms of market share. So, far it has experienced solid growth because of its products quality.

How the future is going to Look like in USA

Apple has enjoyed so much success in the USA. In the last decade and beyond the last decade. But to grow in this market for Apple is going to be tougher and tougher .

 Why can’t Apple Grow anymore in the USA ?

  1. The life cycle of the product 

Because of the innovations and consistent improvement in the quality of the product now the life cycle is much increased now. Now products can work for a very long time in comparison to past Apple products. Now the iPhone life cycle has reached a record 4.7 years. People are less and less interested in giving up their old phones.

  1. Too Big market share 

Apple already occupies almost 60% of the market share in the USA. So, it will become harder and harder to sell to new customers.  

  1. Innovation 

This is the only thing on which Apple can capitalise to grow. Because people would love new and exciting products. But the problem on this front is Apple hasn’t been able to launch a single solid product since Tim Cook is a CEO. Only biggest thing they come up with is an apple watch . Except there have been just promises and talks and nothing substantial has come. So, this thing tells how depleted the company is in terms of innovation.

So, keeping all these things in mind it seems apples have already seen their peak in terms of sales in the USA. Good days are going to go very soon. This thing is going to hurt a lot of people. 

if some one wants to about the core innovation capacity to innovate and how apple lost it:

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