Is The Google Search Business Under Threat of Elimination By The Large Language models?

Their is Huge concern among the people those who are related to Google search businesses maybe be search businesses can be eliminated by the New language model like Chat GPT, Google Gemini and others. The concern among those people is the knowledge that they share to the public now can easily be provided to Public through these Models.

How much it is true to know about this first need to know about how these both works.

  1. How the Google search works.

Google search is platform by the google provided to the masses or general people how could share the knowledge through this platform. Some people who requires this knowledge access by providing some keywords to Google search. In this case win win for both parties. The people who need this knowledge and who provides it’s.¬†

Their are millions of sites On Google search, about those thousands of topics related to other people interest. Their some site which are providing News, their are some those are providing sports related information some provides about physics. People provides knowledge for one side and other accept it.

As the website gets old, made worth in the minds of the people. People just develop trust on these sites. In this way people keeps prospering.

  1. What is Chat GPT and How It   Works ?

Chat GPT is large language Model. Which has the capacity to absorb content in the form written, spoken or Visual form and process it and give it back to us according to our needs.

Let suppose I ask it.

Which are biggest hit movies of all time interms box office collection?

As of now, the biggest hit movies of all time in terms of box office collections are:

1. **”Avatar” (2009)** – Directed by James Cameron, “Avatar” has grossed approximately $2.923 billion worldwide. It held the title of the highest-grossing film for a decade before being temporarily surpassed by “Avengers: Endgame,” only to reclaim the top spot after a re-release.

2. **”Avengers: Endgame” (2019)** – Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, this Marvel Studios blockbuster has grossed around $2.798 billion worldwide. It set numerous records upon its release and became the highest-grossing film of all time before “Avatar” regained the top spot.

3. **”Titanic” (1997)** – Another James Cameron classic, “Titanic,” has grossed about $2.194 billion worldwide. It was the highest-grossing film of all time before being surpassed by “Avatar.”

4. **”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015)** – Directed by J.J. Abrams, this entry in the Star Wars saga has grossed approximately $2.068 billion worldwide.

5. **”Avengers: Infinity War” (2018)** – Also directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, “Infinity War” has grossed around $2.048 billion worldwide.

6. **”Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021)** – Directed by Jon Watts, this Marvel and Sony collaboration has grossed approximately $1.922 billion worldwide.

7. **”Jurassic World” (2015)** – Directed by Colin Trevorrow, this revival of the Jurassic Park franchise has grossed about $1.671 billion worldwide.

8. **”The Lion King” (2019)** – Directed by Jon Favreau, this live-action/CGI remake of the classic animated film has grossed around $1.663 billion worldwide.

9. **”The Avengers” (2012)** – Directed by Joss Whedon, this Marvel ensemble film has grossed approximately $1.519 billion worldwide.

10. **”Furious 7″ (2015)** – Directed by James Wan, this entry in the Fast & Furious franchise has grossed about $1.515 billion worldwide.

These figures reflect the films’ total gross including re-releases and are subject to change with future box office reports and additional re-releases.

It provides me the answers very accurate and very quickly. No need to worry about scrolling and finding the right answer.

Is This Means Google search is about to end?

My simple answer would be No. To find why we need to understand somethings like.

The limitations Language Model has.

It is just trained on human provided knowledge if the data is not provided to it can’t operate. It’s kind of world fastest cheater which can’t create own it owns. 

Their are two types of knowledge one is abstract and other subtract knowledge.

  1. Abstract knowledge

Abstract knowledge is a generalization, rule, or concept that is not related to real-life actions or objects. They are thoughts and ideas that are created using a combination of ideas and experience to form knowledge. 

The example of this would be what is speed of light. 

  1. Subtract knowledge 

Subtract knowledge trying to find the unknown, How the things will turn up when certain situation is created. 

It’s example would be What is Google stock price is going to look like. If who is going to to win the next football world cup. If someone tries to predict this he will have to go through losts of if and buts.

If we categories website based on this what this Chat GPT could do to their site.

  1.  Website based on abstract 

If someone is selling the abstract information to people, information of the past like numbers of countries in the world, total population in the world or past movie box offices, or who won how many events. Then maybe their website has the tough rival to face. The only help Google can is stop sharing the information of these websites to these language models. Because it stops right away the process to update the language model would be tough. And this could these sites.

  1. Website based on subtract 

Their are website which are providing information to their visitor based their analytical skills so, chat GPT is far far behinds interms analysing the information to predict the future. Like how the fashion industry is going to look like. What the trends would be in next summer?  Or how the Google stock is going to perform? How the job market is going to look like? These kind of sites are still safe. 

The people who provides Abstract information still may Survive.

  1. If some site has the large amount of following. They still can survive because the trust they earn over the time of the people. It may take time to override that trust.
  2. The biggest weakness Chat GPT still has is it only tells what people want to know. It doesn’t tells us the we want to know don’t know that those things we want to know. In the world web some people posts what other might find it interesting and give attention. So, that the reason people just keep scrolling the sites to find out of interesting that they don’t even know about..

The only thing that could stop these websites is Google. By simply not providing any information to chat GPT. But it seems they have taken the side GPT and provided all the data it needed flarish. 

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