How The Future of Bitcoin is Going to Look Like.

In 2009 Satoshi nakamoto troubled by the idea of money printing to tackle the financial need of a country, created a crypto currency which can not be duplicated or printed. Those were just codes which can be transferred from one device to another for once. He thought this can be used as a currency and it can’t be devalued by anyone like the dollar is being continuously devalued by the FED. And this only exist in limited number. which he fixed that time, and Satoshi name it bit coin. 

Why People Adopted Bitcoin ?

Satoshi wanted it to be a medium of exchange. Which could not be devalued but the people who adopted see the potential to get rich quick. They all speculated the price of Bitcoin, some bought it so that they could benefit from the future price increase. As the people started to see the potential and Success of the people more and more people came.

Success of Bitcoin as an assent 

Bitcoin started from almost zero in 2009. And quickly started to resonate with the young people who were willing to put their money at risk. From zero in 2009 from went to $1200 in 2013. In 2017 it reached at the level $19000 making it fastest growing asset in 2021 it reached the price point of $69000 . With more then one trillion dollar maket cap, 2024 it touched it’s all time high of $74000

The amount of returns are staggering, from it’s start.

What Is Making Bitcoin So Successful

The Human desire to get rich is very deep and powerful. And when we talk about Bitcoin it’s supply is finite, when more people come and supply is limited then the price automatically increase and more and more people get rich. when the people see from the outside world the that people in crypto are getting success, to comes to the market. It means success of some people by getting rich by crypto draw more money and people.

For How long this can keep going

Bitcoin has the one way to keep going up to bring more in. That comes with the two ways once existing player put more or new players come to the market. Their are approximately 106 million Bitcoin holders around the world, and up and untill more and more kept coming Bitcoin will keep moving up in price, for me it seems a lots of room interms of increase in total number of investors and this will keep having a reinforcement effect on the mind of people.

Their will come a point when the total number of investor will be maximum and other would not be interested in. Because they would have a better option of growth. No, body knows when that day will come. It’s role of nature any thing that goes up always comes down. 

What could be the potential for the downfall of Bitcoin.

The reason of downfall could be another fellow crypto currency. Their will come a point when the investors will start to lose interest in Bitcoin because of it would be to expensive and it will provide very little return. Then investors will get attracted some other crypto, that would be growing fast. And that will outgrow the Bitcoin. Right now this analogy is not something anybody should be worry about. Because Bitcoin has a lots of potential to grow.

Investors outline 

If someone is in Bitcoin don’t worry this is very high time to hold it. The amount of money is about to come Bitcoin in coming few would be remake able. From ETFs from individual from other investors. Because the global microeconomics is just started to get better the amount of money about come because of this is going to be unprecedented Bitcoin could really double it’s Value on next couple of years.

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